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BMW i3 eDrive 120Ah Auto Hatchback

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Why Lease a I3?

The BMW I3 available as a purely electric vehicle or as a petrol-electric hybrid range-extender, it appeals with its space-age looks and extremely low emissions, which are attractive for tax reasons. One long-standing issue that prevented buyers making the move to a pure electric cars is range. Few electric cars can travel as far between charges as a normal car can on a tank of fuel. To help allay that fear BMW, has now fitted a higher-capacity 94Ah battery pack to the i3, almost doubling its range to a claimed 195 miles, which should reduce drivers’ worries about straying too far from home. Those who still feel uncomfortable about switching to electricity are in for a treat, too, because BMW has now also added the more potent battery pack to its range extender model (sometimes referred to as REX), which couples the electric motors with a small engine that charges the batteries when you're on the move, like a portable generator. The range extender allows you to leave home with a full tank and charged battery and travel 288 miles without recharging or refuelling.

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