Within the terms and conditions, the company/individual whom is placing the order is referred to as “you”. The company whom will supply the vehicle detailed and whose paper the order has been prepared on, is referred to as “us”.

You agree to accept delivery of the vehicle/s detailed above within 1 week following the requested delivery date, and this is dependent upon the availability dictated by the supplying dealer and franchise concerned.

You understand that the figures detailed are subject to revision up to the point that the official finance documents are signed. Until that point the figures may change due to an increase in funding charges and/or the residual value, set by the finance company. In the event of this happening, you will have the opportunity to cancel your order with no financial penalties.

You agree that if there are no changes to the figures detailed, and you wish to cancel this order either prior to, or during your financial contract, you agree to pay a cancellation fee. Vehicle Lease Management Ltd, the supplying dealer and funder will dictate the amount of this fee. Only once the cancellation fee has been paid in full will your obligation to continue with this order be released.

This vehicle order is subject to credit, if for any reason, the funder declines you, or we decide not to continue with this order, we reserve the right to cancel this order at any time. In this event, we will not be held responsible, either legally or financially.

You agree to make available, any financial information that the funder may require. This information will only be used for the purpose of opening a credit line to satisfy this order. As per the Data Protection act, it will not be made available to any other company, for whatever reason.

In the event that delivery of the vehicle is delayed, you accept that the delivery times you have been quoted are, to the best of our knowledge, correct. In the unlikely event of your vehicle being delayed, you will be advised as soon as possible, and the provision for hire or loan cars may be made subject to the supplying dealers consent. E&OE

** Please be aware that Vehicle Lease Management Ltd is acting as a credit broker and not a Lender **