WLTP Deadline

Car manufacturers could well be forced into pre-registering, discounting or even in some special circumstances scrapping numbers of vehicles due to the new emissions regulation changes that are happening from the 1st September 2018.

The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) lab test for cars has been designed to replace the current NEDC test to give new car buyers more accurate information about real-world fuel economy for the new cars they intend to buy as of the 1st September. This will also provide new up to date Co2 figures for all cars. Vehicle Lease Management expects to see some cars change in both road tax thresholds & residual values.

For those customers who have already ordered their new cars, we are seeing some manufacturers already offering customers “the right to cancel” should pricing dramatically change should their new car be affected due to possible road tax increases which will result in slight monthly increases. We also seeing manufacturers try and push deliveries further forward into August to beat the changes.

The potential benefit is that this could be good news for bargain hunters or those looking for a cheap quick deal as we expect cars that are coming through before September and haven’t been sold to customers will certainly offer additional incentives or will be pre-registered for even further discounts to clear surplus stocks before the September deadline.

If you would like to hear any further information regarding WLTP or need to be added for any callbacks relating to any offers. Please call Vehicle Lease Management on 01276 506146 or email sales@vlmleasing.co.uk