7 Simple Benefits of Leasing a Car

There are benefits to buying as well as benefits to getting a car or van on a lease agreement, to help you understand the benefits of leasing a vehicle, we’ve put together 7 great benefits that make the decision to lease a vehicle really simple!


1. Get a Great Deal

Leasing a vehicle from a vehicle leasing company means that you get a great deal, as we are independent vehicle brokers and are continually getting the best deals in real time from all of the major players in the space. This means that we have the ability to give you the best deal at the most competitive rates, helping to keep your monthly costs down and get you in the car you want!


2. It Enables You To Have Your Dream Car

Just like getting you a great deal, being independent means that we have a view of the whole of the market, so rather than limiting you to the car we think you want, you can tell us your dream car and we can make the deal happen, so that you can be driving away in the car you always wanted.


3. Get a Brand New Car

We can make it very affordable to get a brand new car, which means that you can benefit from all of the latest features. Not just the cool gadgets that your dream car might have but the best fuel economy, better quality parts which have a knock-on effect to keep your costs down on the actual running of the car – Plus you get a brand new car!


4. Enjoy a Safer Car

Helping people lease brand new cars mean that they get the best and latest features in road safety, helping to keep you and your family safer, should something happen. You really can’t put a price on safety and the benefit of getting a new car means that you can drive it happy in the knowledge that no expense has been spared to keep you safe.


5. Avoid Tying Up Your Money

Buying a car outright in cash has a level of satisfaction about it- no ongoing fees, you own it, you did it! And then you look at your bank balance and realise there is a big hole where that money used to sit. Leasing keeps that money in your bank, giving you the flexibility to afford the car and carry on providing for your family.


6. No MOT's

Most leases are for 2 to 3 years, with new cars not needing an MOT for the first 3 years of the life of the car, it means that you get to save that money and the time it would take to get the car MOT’d.


7. Avoid the Dealership

Working with a company who are independent means that you can avoid the showrooms/dealerships which can seem like stepping into the lion's den sometimes. You get the salesperson all over you, offering you a token drink, throwing out jargon and technical terms that you don’t really understand or care about, then the figures for the car...way more than you expect or even wanted to pay, yet you feel tied in.

Please don’t put yourself in this position, avoid the pitfalls of leasing by talking to us, contact us now and let’s get you into your dream car without breaking the bank!