What will 2020 bring

Well, what a year 2019 was. We saw continued emission changes with regards to WLTP, which also saw vans and commercials brought into line towards the end of last year. This like cars from the following year did result in several delays in delivery. However, the benefits to improved fuel consumption did help the argument with some clients as much as this was pretty frustrating at the time.

The biggest conversation from last year from our customers was around Hybrid & Electric cars and the biggest question was “Any offers or special deals on these as yet?”. Well, we did see the odd offer but not as many as we would have liked, considering how many times, we were asked the question! Which begs the question WHY? Well, the chat & feeling between the Vehicle Lease Management staff was that there was still some way to go and that residuals set by the finance lenders reflected this.

There are still some issues surrounding the range as well as issues regarding charge points and how easily these are accessed. Now as we go into the year 2020, we are expecting this all to improve with more makes and models to be added into the various manufactures line ups with even standalone new models being added.

I have also seen in some parts of London plug-in points attached to lampposts and can only see this being rolled out into other areas of the country if it hasn’t already, charge points are now also being fitted at places of work & even Hospitals which is all great news! I am also hearing a lot of manufacturers are putting greater emphasis on improving the range especially in the Full Electric sector, so expect to see lots of changes this year around this whole subject.

Will we see some offers this year?

Quite possibly but we still expect Petrol engines will dominate most of the offers this year, however, we do expect this to change over the next 5 years as we go into the world of Electric.

So, what will 2020 bring?

We feel 2020 is going to be a big year, it looks pretty confident Boris will get Brexit done which will end several years of uncertainty. Fingers crossed our relationship with the EU remains the same with no charges being levied for the importing/exporting of cars.

We are also expecting lots of new model cars to come out this year. I am hearing the new Ford Puma is going to be a big hit, it’s just been crowned What Car of the year 2020 winner, so that claim has already been backed up quite quickly. Other cars to keep an eye out for are the new Skoda Kamiq & Scala as well as the new Octavia, Nissan are bringing out the new Qashqai which has always been a great seller for us. You also have the new Mercedes GLB, Mazda CX-30, Audi A3 & of course the new Volkswagen Golf which we all expect to do well this year when they release for delivery.

There are lots of other cars, too many to mention in fact but rest assured we will be on top of it all and will continue to update our website with the very best offers we can find. Why not check them out at www.vlmleasing.co.uk or give us a call and let us know what your thoughts are on Hybrid/Electric cars as we would love to hear from you 01276 506146.

Happy New Year from us all at Vehicle Lease Management and we look forward to hearing from you soon!